Statement by CALS Dean Kate VandenBosch in support of Dairy Innovation Hub legislation

In the 1800s, Wisconsin became America’s Dairyland because of a partnership between the state, led by then-Governor W.D. Hoard, Wisconsin’s early farmers and the scientists at UW-Madison. I like to think of this very early public-private partnership as a clear example of the positive change that we can make when we work together.

Today, our dairy research focuses on every aspect of farm management and consumer product development. This work can identify new ways to protect our watersheds, develop new decision-making tools for producers to make management choices quickly and confidently, and generate food products that appeal to future generations of dairy consumers.

We are grateful for the leadership provided by the sponsors of Senate Bill 186, and would like to thank Senator Marklein and Representative Tranel for taking the lead on such an important issue. This reinvestment will allow the schools within UW System to train current and future industry leaders and transfer new knowledge to farms, processing plants, fields and beyond. We look forward to seeing the Dairy Innovation Hub become a reality.