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Pierce Seniors, Dodge Juniors Top State 4-H Judging Contest

By Daniel Walker


The Pierce County Senior Dairy Judging Team took top honors at the
State 4-H Senior Dairy Judging Contest at the Polk County Fair in St.
Croix Falls on July 27, 2007.

Senior contestants placed ten classes and delivered four sets of oral
reasons. With their win, Pierce earned the right to represent
Wisconsin at the National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest on Oct. 1 at
World Dairy Expo in Madison. The team of Brian Coyne, Ellen Esch,
Hayden Hauschildt and Lindsey Shafer was coached by Bob Traynor,
Peter Coyne and Tom Knegendorf.

“Overwhelming excitement!” said Traynor. “We are still trying to
wrap our brain around the whole thing. This is the first time Pierce
County has sent anyone to a National contest, let alone winning state
and going to Madison.”

Traynor also complimented his team, calling them an extremely
coachable group. “It is a very confident group of young people,
without being cocky, who are really quite passionate about doing
their best. This team is very team-oriented, and we expect them to
bring their A-game. If they do that, and we have every expectation
they will, we should do just fine,” he stated. “We are extremely
honored and humbled to be representing Wisconsin, and are not taking
the responsibility lightly.”

Fond du Lac County placed second overall, nine points ahead of Dodge
County, which finished third. Fond du Lac”s runner-up finish earned
them a trip to represent Wisconsin at the All-American Youth Dairy
Judging Contest in Harrisburg, PA, on Sept. 16. The team of Brandon
Ferry, Ryan O”Leary, Paige Vossekuil and Kyle Zimdars was coached by
Chris Pollack, Chad Ryan and Amy Ryan.

Commenting on earning the trip to Harrisburg, Amy Ryan said “As
coaches, we are happy to have made it this far, and we are honored to
represent Wisconsin. We want our team to enjoy the trip and represent
Fond du Lac County and Wisconsin well. All in all, it is of utmost
importance to us to provide a good experience for the kids on our team.”

Jake Kruschke of St. Croix County took home first place individual
honors and Brian Coyne of Pierce County edged out Mary Johnson of
Polk County by two points to earn second place. Other top ten
individuals overall in order of rank were: Heather Scanlan of Grant
County, Brandon Ferry of Fond du Lac County, Hayden Hauschildt of
Pierce County, Kyle Natzke of Dodge County, Kristin Natzke of Dodge
County, Rebeka Dieter of Lafayette County, and Kyle Zimdars of Fond
du Lac County.

Pierce County also earned first place in the Oral Reasons portion of
the contest, followed by Dane County in second place, Dodge County in
third place, St. Croix County in fourth place and Wood County in
fifth place.

Brian Coyne of Pierce County won the individual Oral Reasons
competition, placing one point ahead of second place Jake Kruschke of
St. Croix County and third place Mary Johnson of Polk County.
Rounding out the top five individuals in oral reasons were fourth
place Kelly Sime of Dane County, and fifth place Heather Scanlan of
Grant County.

Mary Johnson, Kyle Natzke, Kristin Natzke and Rebeka Dieter will make
up the team that will represent Wisconsin at the North American Youth
Dairy Judging Contest in Louisville, KY on Nov. 5. The Wisconsin
team that competes at Louisville is made up of the top four
individuals who are not a part of the top two teams.

“Pierce is a team that has been extremely close the last few years
and this was clearly their time,” said Ted Halbach, extension dairy
youth specialist. “I have no doubt they will do an excellent job of
representing Wisconsin at the National Contest.”


Eight teams consisting of 31 youth competed in the junior division of
the State 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging.

The contest featured ten classes of cattle representing the Holstein,
Jersey, Guernsey and Brown Swiss breeds. Youth in the junior
division also answered a total of 20 type analysis questions. These
type analysis questions, also called TAQs, were asked in reference to
four of the classes. This portion of the contest is designed to help
youth recognize type traits that play a significant role in placing
the class. For example, questions may ask youth to identify which
cow has the highest rear udder attachment in the class.

The team from Dodge County took 1st in the competition, scoring 33
points more than second place Barron County. Members of the Dodge
County team were Seth Nehls, Janelle Remington, Felicia Bohn and
Brittany Nampel. They were coached by Todd Wendorf, Christa Wendorf
and Kevin Jorgenson.

Barron County placed second and took first in TAQ”s. Dane Thompson,
David Pintens, Jacob Pintens and Emily Hellendrung made up the Barron
County squad. The team is coached by Steve Fronk.

A team from LaCrosse County earned third in the overall competition.
The team of Aaron Berg, Ranae Holthaus, Brittany Berg and Jeremiah
Steege was coached by Don Langrehr and Jen Clark.

In the individual competition, Seth Nehls of Dodge County took home
top honors with a score of 571 points. Four points separated second
from third as Matthew O”Leary of Fond du Lac County edged out Aaron
Berg of LaCrosse County with a score of 533 versus 529 points. One
point separated the third high individual from fourth and fourth from
fifth. Janelle Remington of Dodge County placed fourth while Ranae
Holthaus of LaCrosse County took home fifth place honors. Dane
Thompson of Barron County placed sixth; Jacob Welsh of Clark County
placed seventh; Mackenzie Nickels of Rock County earned eighth; Amber
Yager of Iowa County earned ninth; and Courtney Perronne of Sheboygan
County clinched tenth.

Seth Nehls of Dodge County and David Pintens of Barron County tied
for first in the TAQ section with 90 out of a possible 100 points.
The tie was broken by their overall placing scores. They were
followed in TAQs by Dane Thompson of Barron County with a score of 85
points. Matthew O”Leary of Fond du Lac County placed fourth followed
by Jacob Welsh of Clark County in fifth and Amber Yager of Iowa
County placing sixth.

“Having a junior contest at the state level is an incentive for all
234 of the juniors who competed at the AASD contests and a reward for
those who did well,” explained contest coordinator Ted Halbach, UW-
Madison extension dairy youth specialist. “Hopefully their
participation in this contest inspires them to continue judging at
the senior level.”

Teams and individuals qualified to compete in both divisions of the 4-
H State Contest by their high placing at one of the four Area Animal
Science Day competitions. The junior division represents youth ages
9 through 14 as of Jan. 1 and the senior division represents youth
ages 15 to 19. County teams are made up of their top three scoring
individuals at the qualifying Area Animal Science Day with the fourth
team member selected by the county.

Fifteen youth also competed in the showmanship contest, with
evaluations made during the dairy judging competition. Three youth
were recognized for their superior showmanship skills: Annie Damrow
of Dodge County (overall winner), Nicholas Schuster of Fond du Lac
County and Willie Coyne of Pierce County.

Numerous volunteers contributed to the success of the contest. David
Erf, Jill Nelson, Brian Kelroy and Bob Hagenow served as official
judges. Melanie Miller, 4-H Youth Development Specialist, scored the
contest. Chuck Prissel, UW Extension Polk County 4-H Youth
Development Agent, Ryan Sterry, UW-Extension Polk County Agriculture
and Horticulture Agent, and volunteers Jered Haase and Karrie Melin-
Swenson contributed time and effort. The Cattle Connection, the UW-
Madison Department of Dairy Science, Joe and Sharon Darcey, the Youth
Program Enhancement Fund, the Polk County Dairy Promotion Council,
the Polk County Dairy Fund Raising Committee, Bernicks Pepsi and
Burnett Dairy Cooperative all co-sponsored the event. The Polk County
junior and open class dairy exhibitors were gracious in their
willingness to provide cattle for the contest.

“Polk County did a phenomenal job in hosting this contest for the
third year in a row. Their county volunteers were so accommodating
and covered every detail imaginable,” said Halbach. “Their efforts
allowed each youth to have a positive experience at the contest which
is what this is all about.”


1st place senior team overall – Pierce County
(left to right): Bob Traynor, Coach, Tom Knegendorf, Coach, Lindsey
Shafer, Brian Coyne, Ellen Esch, Peter Coyne, Coach, Hayden
Hauschildt, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist du Lac Senior.jpg
2nd place senior team overall – Fond du Lac County
(left to right): Brandon Ferry, Chad Ryan, Coach, Ryan O”Leary, Chris
Pollack, Coach, Paige Vossekuil, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension
Dairy Youth Specialist, Kyle Zimdars
Louisville Team
(left to right): Kyle Natzke, Kristin Natske, Rebeka Dieter, Mary
Johnson, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist Five Seniors.jpg
Top 5 Senior Individuals
(left to right): Brandon Ferry, Fond du Lac County, 5th, Heather
Scanlan, Grant County, 4th, Mary Johnson, Polk County, 3rd, Brian
Coyne, Pierce County, 2nd, Jake Kruschke, St. Croix County, 1st, Ted
Halbach, JUW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist Juniors.jpg
1st place junior team overall – Dodge County
(left to right): Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth
Specialist, Kevin Jorgensen, Coach, Brittany Nampel, Seth Nehls,
Felicia Bohn, Janelle Remington, Todd Wendorf, Coach Five Juniors.jpg
Top 5 Junior Individuals
(left to right): Ranae Holthaus, LaCrosse County, 5th, Janelle
Remington, Dodge County, 4th, Aaron Berg, LaCrosse County, 3rd,
Matthew O”Leary, Fond du Lac County, 2nd, Seth Nehls, Dodge County,
1st, Ted Halbach, JUW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist