College honors outstanding faculty and staff

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences will honor more than a dozen outstanding faculty and staff members at the CALS Awards Program on April 26, 2006. The prestigious awards recognize each recipient”s unique and excellent contribution to the College.

The location and time of the Awards ceremony and more details about the recipients will be announced shortly.

Following are the 2006 awardees:

Faculty awards

J.S. Donald Short Course Teaching Award – William P. Kojis, Department of Agronomy

Spitzer Excellence in Teaching Award – Jess C. Gilbert, Department of Rural Sociology

Jung Teaching Award – Sara E. Patterson, Department of Horticulture

Arthur J. Maurer Extra Mile Award – William S. Reznikoff, Department of Biochemistry

Pound Research Award – Heidi Goodrich-Blair, Department of Bacteriology

Pound Extension Award – Paul M. Fricke, Department of Dairy Science

Robert G. F. and Hazel T. Spitze Land Grant Faculty Award for Excellence – John M. Norman, Department of Soil Science

WALSAA Outstanding Advising Award – James D. Berkelman, Department of Wildlife Ecology

Academic Staff Awards for Excellence

Research: Yves Berger, Spooner Ag Research Station
Service: John B. Peters, Soil Testing, Plant Analysis and Feed
and Forage Analysis Labs, Soil Science
Leadership: Karen D. Nielsen, Babcock Institute

Classified Staff Recognition Awards
Barbara R. Avery, CALS Administrative Computing
Sandra M. Baumel, CALS Business Services (Non-Represented)
Mary L. Domann, Department of Entomology
Lorraine L. Toman, Spooner Agricultural Research Station
Steve P. Trace, Arlington Agricultural Research Station
Scott Woodford, Rhinelander Agricultural Research Station