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2004 Wisconsin Junior State Fair Dairy Division – Agsource/CRI production champions

Outstanding producing ability was recognized in each of the six dairy breed shows at last week”s Wisconsin Junior State Fair. AgSource/CRI awarded an engraved glass milk pitcher to the exhibitor of the cow with the highest actual 305-day combined butterfat and protein production record. Cows in the three-year-old, four-year-old, five-year-old, aged cow and dry cow classes competed for recognition certificates and consideration for the overall breed production championship. To be eligible for these awards, cows needed to place in the blue or red ribbon groups. The AgSource/CRI breed production champions were:

Ayrshire – Cedarvale Black China, exhibited by Zachary Damrow, Dodge County
2-03 2x 15,578 Milk 3.9% 607 Fat 3.7% 572 Protein

Brown Swiss – Lake Side Jetway Princess, exhibited by Jill Cowles, St. Croix County
3-04 2x 26,693 Milk 4.2% 1127 Fat 3.3% 887 Protein

Guernsey – Misty Meadows Perfecto Ice Cube, exhibited by Jake Peterson, St. Croix County
3-01 2x 19,270 Milk 3.8% 733 Fat 3.0% 580 Protein

Holstein – Miss Stardust Quincy-ET, exhibited by Ashley Sabo, Brown County
5-11 3x 29,512 Milk 4.0% 1135 Fat 3.1% 873 Protein

Jersey – Remake Penny of Jauquet, exhibited by B.J. Nehls, Dodge County
3-0 2x 19,805 Milk 5.17% 1024 Fat 3.46% 686 Protein

Milking Shorthorn – ARJU PLC Reward Allison, exhibited by Claudia Hardie, Trempealeau County
2-11 2x 5,689 Milk 3.5% 201 Fat 2.9% 166 Protein