2001 Wisconsin Junior State Fair Dairy Division-AgSource/CRI Production Champions

Outstanding producing ability was recognized in each of the six dairy breed shows at last week”s Wisconsin Junior State Fair. AgSource/CRI awarded an engraved glass milk pitcher to the exhibitor of the cow with the highest actual 305-day combined butterfat and protein production record. Cows in the three-year-old, four-year-old, aged cow and dry cow classes competed for recognition certificates and consideration for the overall breed production championship. To be eligible for these awards, cows needed to place in the blue or red ribbon groups. The AgSource/CRI breed production champions were:

Ayrshire – B-Grand Olympic Nagaro, exhibited by Karlene Lindow, Clark County
2-03 2x 305d 30,382 Milk 3.6% 1079 Fat 2.7% 817 Protein

Brown Swiss – Lone Acres Patrol Jubilee, exhibited by Quinn De Bruin, Jefferson County
11. 2x 305d 22,656 Milk 4.0% 916 Fat 3.6% 822 Protein

Guernsey – Misty Meadows B Peaches, exhibited by Jake Peterson, St. Croix County
4-09 3x 305d 23,146 Milk 4.6% 1060 Fat 3.2% 724 Protein

Holstein – Indianhead Nightlite, exhibited by Gabriel Schauf, Barron County
4. 3x 305d 34,397 Milk 3.9% 1336 Fat 3.1% 1081 Protein

Jersey – O.F. Carlton Taffy, exhibited by Brandon Owens, Polk County
1. 2x 305d 18,311 Milk 5.1% 930 Fat 3.7% 675 Protein

Milking Shorthorn – Mapleton Valley, exhibited by Tom Agnew, Waukesha County
2-05 2x 305d 20,857 Milk 4.1% 856 Fat 3.1% 653 Protein.