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UW Agronomy Field Day And Farm Progress Hay Expo Set For June 27th

This year”s Agronomy Field Day, which features the latest in crops and soils research, will be held jointly with Farm Progress Hay Expo 2001. The combined events are scheduled for Wednesday, June 27 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison”s Arlington Agricultural Research Station.

Specialists from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and UW Cooperative Extension Service will staff four field tours. Tours will leave from the agronomy and soils tent on the east side of the exhibit area at 8:30 a.m., 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 2:15 p.m.

Speakers on the first tour will show how wheel traffic can reduce alfalfa yields, review how soil pH and top-dressed potassium alter forage fertility, discuss leafhopper control on glandular-haired alfalfa, and explain how to predict harvest dates for corn silage.

Researchers on the second tour will present new data on livestock performance on kura clover/grass pastures, compare the economic and environmental aspects of high-input and low-input forage rotations, explain how silo bags alter silage dry matter loss, and review options for the biological control of Canada thistle.

Speakers on the third tour will update growers on the soybean aphid, show how crop models can improve management, explain how inter-cropping can help control soybean white mold, alert growers to weed risks in Roundup Ready corn and soybean, and review programs for managing weeds in corn and soybean.

On the fourth tour, specialists will discuss how growers might benefit from a model that mimics corn growth, explain how nitrogen fertilizer affects residue decomposition in no-till corn, show how to adjust nitrogen credits from alfalfa for corn and wheat, and review how to manage tillage when rotating from alfalfa to corn.

The Farm Progress Hay Expo 2001 features the latest in haying technology for improving farm productivity and farmers” bottom line. There will be exhibits and demonstrations of popular haymaking equipment, and farmers can see the UW-Madison”s new robotic milking system in action.

The College”s popular weed and plant doctors will answer questions at the event. Lunch and refreshments also will be available. The rain date for the Agronomy Field Day and Farm Progress Hay Expo 2001 is June 28.

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and UW Cooperative Extension co-sponsor Agronomy Field Day. Farm Progress Hay Expo 2001 is sponsored by the Wisconsin Agriculturist in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Forage Council.

The Arlington Agricultural Research Station is about five miles south of Arlington and 15 miles north of Madison on U.S. Highway 51 in Columbia County. Exit Interstate 90-94 at Wis. Highway 60 or exit U.S. Highway 51 at Badger Road and follow the signs.