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Interim Short Courses Scheduled For January 1999

Interim Farm and Industry Short Courses will be offered the weeks of Jan. 4-9 and Jan. 11-15, and Jan. 23-24 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ten $200 grants are available to Wisconsin dairy farmers who attend one of the courses (see sidebar).

Courses offered the week of Jan. 4-9:

Advanced Dairy Nutrition
Course will include in-class exercises on computer ration evaluations.
Jan. 5-8 Instructor: Randy Shaver. Fee: $200

Advanced Reproduction
Students will become proficient in artificial insemination, ovarian palpation and pregnancy detection. Embryo transfer and ultrasound-guided oocyte aspiration will be demonstrated.
Jan. 4-8 Instructor: David Northey. Fee: $350

Using Computers to Assist in Decision Making
Learn accounting principles using AAIMS software, including setting up chart of accounts and applying that information to decision-making. Also covers methods for calculating cost of production analysis.
Jan. 5-8 Instructors: Gary Frank and Arlin Brannstrom. Fee: $200

Precision Agriculture
Topics include Global Positioning Systems and DGPs, grid soil sampling, yield monitoring, variable-rate technology, on-the-go sensors, GIS and related software. One field trip is planned.
Jan. 5-7 Instructors: Ron Schuler and Richard Wolkowski. Fee: $200

Wisconsin School for Beginning Market Gardeners
Overview of market gardening will emphasize skills for smaller scale producers. Topics covered will include soils, crop production, organic and IPM farming systems, season extension, pest management, equipment needs, marketing, community-supported agriculture, business planning, and more.
Jan. 7-9 Instructors: A team of four UW faculty and four growers. Fee: $200

Market Gardeners Special Topic Seminar: Greenhouse Construction and Management
Designed to highlight topics introduced in the School for Beginning Market Gardeners, this session will focus on selection, design, construction and use of greenhouses on small-scale vegetable farms. For both beginning and experienced growers. Note weekend dates.
Jan. 23-24 Instructors: A team of four UW faculty and four growers. Fee: $150

Courses offered the week of Jan. 11-15:

Advanced Reproduction
Jan. 11-15 (see week of Jan. 4-9 for description)

Field Scout Training School
Instructors from Agronomy, Entomology, Plant Pathology and Soil Science will cover pest identification and crop scouting techniques for field corn, alfalfa, soybeans and wheat. Topics will include seed identification, herbicide injury identification, and soil and tissue sampling.
Jan. 11-15 Instructor: Bryan Jensen. Fee: $200

Livestock Marketing
Class will analyze various marketing methods, how prices are determined, interaction of supply and demand for meat, techniques of market management. Industry guests will assess the roles of producers, livestock markets, packers, retailers, food service and the public sector.
Jan. 12-15 Instructor: Patrick Luby. Fee: $200

Milking Systems and Parlor Design & Operation
Jan. 11 Basic Milking
Jan. 12 Basic Cleaning
Jan. 13 Parlor Design and Operation

Basic Milking Systems courses are designed for those with limited experience with milking systems evaluation, or who will do evaluations without vacuum recorders, air-flow meters, etc. Parlor Design will review the major components and considerations when designing a new facility, emphasizing low-cost parlor designs for expanding herds.
Instructor: Doug Reinemann. Fee: $200

Pasture Management
Covers establishment, improvement and plant growth. In-depth discussions on pasture layout, fencing and water systems. Animal behavior on pasture, animal nutrient needs versus pasture growth, and supplemental feeding also covered.
Jan. 11-15 Instructor: Daniel Undersander. Fee: $200

Woodland Management
Measuring standing trees, forest plantations (site selection and preparation, planting, stand tending, financial maturity), and timber sales contracts.
Jan. 11-14 Instructor: Dan Gilmore. Fee: $200

Course fees include registration and instructional materials. For registration forms or information on parking and lodging, call CALS Outreach Services, (608) 263-1672.