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College Honors Its Own At Gamma Sigma Delta Banquet

At the Gamma Sigma Delta banquet April 23, the following people received awards for excellence in teaching, research, advising and extension/outreach:

Stephen Barclay — 1998 CALS Outstanding Teaching Award
It”s a rare professor who earns praise from students for his exams as well as his lectures. Bacteriologist Stephen Barclay is such a teacher.

Brad Barham — 1998 Pound Research Award
Agricultural economist Bradford Barham researches policy, institutional and market changes and their effects on agriculture and natural resource activities in Wisconsin and Latin America. Due to the success of his contributions, Barham has earned a 1998 Pound Research Award from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Hector DeLuca — Spitze Land Grant Faculty Award for Excellence
Tens of thousands of people lead healthier, more productive lives today because of Hector DeLuca. Known the world over for his studies of fat-soluble vitamins, DeLuca is the pre-eminent authority on vitamin D metabolism and action.

Diana Downs — 1998 WALSAA Outstanding Advisor Award
When it comes to advising and mentoring students, bacteriologist Diana Downs took the initiative even before joining the faculty. Now, three years after taking on her first official advisees, Downs has received the 1998 WALSAA Outstanding Advisor Award.

Paul D. Friesen — 1998 Spitzer Teaching Award
As anyone who has done it knows, teaching a required course to non-majors – especially a survey course in biochemistry – can be a daunting job. Paul Friesen has excelled at that task, and his efforts have earned him the Spitzer Teaching Award for 1998.

Susan Paskewitz — Pound Research Award 1998
Susan Paskewitz”s work holds promise for villagers in the world”s tropics as well as recreationists in Wisconsin”s woodlands. Her research focuses on two areas: the biochemical and molecular basis for insect/parasite interactions, and the epidemiology of tick-borne diseases in Wisconsin. This work has earned her a Pound Research Award for 1998.

Doug Reinemann — Pound Extension Award 1998
In a state with 25,000 milking machines, it”s nice to have someone around who really understands how they work. Extension specialist Doug Reinemann understands them as well as anyone, and his efforts on behalf of the dairy industry have earned him the Pound Extension Award for 1998.