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Early-finish CALS Summer Term courses leave time for other summer activities

Looking for a Summer Term course that will be completed by mid-June or early July? Check out these online offerings from the UW–Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Registration for UW Summer Term is open now. All courses will be held online this year. For more information about Summer Term and a full list of available courses, visit See more information about CALS courses on the CALS 2020 Summer Term page.

Agricultural and Applied Economics 350
World Hunger And Malnutrition
This course focuses on hunger and poverty in developing countries and the United States. Topics include nutrition and health, population, food production and availability, and income distribution and employment.
Prerequisites: None
Credits: 3
Breadth: Biological Science
L&S Credit Type: Counts as LAS credit (L&S)
Dates: 5/18 – 6/14

Animal Sciences 373
Animal Physiology
Students will develop an understanding of physiological processes that regulate the body, learn the anatomy and function of different physiological systems, describe interactions between organ systems, study regulation of an organ system from the molecular to whole animal level, and identify differences between species in the same systems.
Credits: 3
Dates: 5/18 – 6/14

Soil Science 131
Earth’s Soil: Natural Science and Human Use
This course is an overview of the soils of the world and the grand environmental challenges that face humanity. Soils of the USA and Wisconsin are included.
Prerequisites: None
Credits: 1
Breadth: Physical Science
L&S Credit Type: Counts as LAS credit (L&S)
Dates: 6/8 – 7/5