Alumna Molly Sloan on judging the World Dairy Expo – Audio

Molly Sloan, alumna '06, Arshire judge, 2016 World Dairy Expo
Molly Sloan, alumna ’06, Arshire judge, 2016 World Dairy Expo

Molly Sloan, Alta International Training Program Manager
Alta Genetics
’06 Alumna Dairy Science, Life Sciences Communication
(815) 670-3706


3:07 – Total Time
0:28 – Dairy science at UW-Madison
0:59 – Student activities led to networks
1:49 – Judge at Expo a dream come true
2:26 – 10 or more shows a year
2:41 – Love to judge Expo again
2:56 – Lead out


Sevie Kenyon: At the 2016 World Dairy Expo we were able to catch up with dairy judge, Molly Sloan, a 2006 graduate in Dairy Science and Life Science Communications in the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Molly talked to us about her time here at the university and being a dairy judge at the World Dairy Expo. Molly start out by telling us a little bit about your experience at the University of Wisconsin.

Molly Sloan: I grew up in Northern Illinois and I knew all along that I wanted to study dairy science and so I realized quickly that there was really no other option than to attend the University of Wisconsin in Madison, being world renowned for their dairy science program and when I was there I quickly added a second major with Agriculture Journalism and was very involved through extracurricular activities with the Association of Women in Agriculture, Badger Dairy Club, and National Agri-Marketing Association.

Sevie Kenyon: And Molly, how did all of that activity in school help you get to where you are now?

Molly Sloan: Well I think it’s great that we’re sitting right here at World Dairy Expo, it’s a classic example of how involved the students really are. If you walk out the doors here you certainly see the Badger Dairy Club members putting on so many things behind the scenes and it was through that involvement and engagement in those extracurriculars that I was able to meet industry contacts and the networks that I needed to get the internships and ultimately the job opportunities. When I was at the university, I did a couple internships with different dairy genetics and reproductive AI companies and I quickly learned that I definitely wanted to pursue a career that way. So, when I finished I started with Alta Genetics and my role with Alta, I’m our Global Training Program Manager and travel the world pretty extensively.

Sevie Kenyon: Talk to us a little about judging dairy cattle, you’re at the World Dairy Expo, tell us a little about this experience.

Molly Sloan:  Yeah this has always been a dream of mine. When I came to school at the University of Wisconsin I knew right away that I wanted to be involved in their dairy judging team and actually it was through those experiences and intense work outs and practices and I was fortunate enough to be a part of a very competitive team with exceptional coaching from Dr. Dave Dickson and Ted Halbach. After that, I knew that I wanted to continue the opportunity if the opportunity arose and was able to become engaged in judging shows after attending university.

Sevie Kenyon: Can you give us an idea, Molly, how many shows you may judge in a year?

Molly Sloan: Since I graduated in 2006, I’ve averaged about 10 shows a year. I think on the high end it creeped up near 20 shows, but I would say on average it’s 10 shows a year.

Sevie Kenyon: The World Dairy Expo is considered a bit of a pinnacle for this sort of thing where do you go from here?

Molly Sloan: I think you said it best, it really is the pinnacle of this. I want to keep doing it as long as it’s fun. For me every new show is a great opportunity and experience. I would love to have the opportunity to come back and do another show here on the colored shavings if the exhibitors so choose, but it is up to them.

Sevie Kenyon: We’ve been visiting with Molly Sloan, Alumna Dairy Science, Life Science Communications in the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and I’m Sevie Kenyon.