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Tim Meehan

10436243_725680284161969_4785525944893036475_n-e1406061426971This past spring Tim Meehan (at right), an associate scientist in the Department of Entomology, was awarded a 2014 CALS Academic Staff Award for Excellence in Research for the many great scientific contributions he’s made to the department and the college.

Since joining the academic staff four years ago, he has authored 13 papers and his groundbreaking research has made him a highly sought after collaborator on campus and beyond. His broad training, quantitative skills and ability to synthesize complex ideas across disciplines have elevated the quality of the department’s research and interdisciplinary interactions.

Meehan also provides valuable leadership within the college on issues of sustainability and bioenergy.

Photo by Wolfgang Hoffmann. Also pictured: CALS Senior Associate Dean Richard Straub, at left.