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Doug Soldat

soldatAs a turf expert, soil scientist Doug Soldat is part of a CALS and UW-Extension team that’s been working over the past decade to develop sustainable lawn care guidelines tailored to Wisconsin. The team recently compiled their findings into two publications.

The shorter of the two, titled Do-It-Yourself Alternative Lawn Care, is targeted at homeowners. It focuses on six things homeowners can do to help their lawn survive and thrive without a lot of added inputs:

The other publication, Organic And Reduced-Risk Lawn Care, is aimed primarily at turf-care professionals. It discusses the same six management steps in more detail and also gets into how certain pesticides and fertilizers can fit into alternative lawn care.

Read this eCALS article for more information about both publications. Do-It-Yourself Alternative Lawn Care (A3964) and Organic and Reduced-Risk Lawn Care (A3954), can be purchased online at