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Jed Colquhoun

Jed-Colquhoun-2015Two years ago Jed Colquhoun PhD’00 told CALS’ Grow magazine about a vegetable grower who had to leave 40 acres of carrots in the field because his local processing plant was over capacity. Wasting food bothers Colquhoun, and it bothers people in the state’s vegetable industry just as much. Now they’re doing something about it together: Wisconsin’s Field to Food Bank program.

Wisconsin is a leader in processed vegetables—No. 2 nationwide in acreage and production and No. 3 in the value of goods produced—and now the state’s growers and processors are leaders in a new approach to hunger relief. Read this new Grow Q&A with Colquhoun, a professor of horticulture and director of the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, to learn how the industry and food relief groups such as Second Harvest of Southern Wisconsin are partnering to get excess vegetables from farms to food banks.