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AgrAbility of Wisconsin and AmeriCorps team up for a second year

The AgrAbility of Wisconsin office is seeing a flurry of activity as AmeriCorps members round out their terms of service and the program seeks to fill summer positions.

This fall The Easter Seals Wisconsin AmeriCorps program entered into its second year of partnership with AgrAbility of Wisconsin. Often referred to as “the domestic Peace Corps,” AmeriCorps members serve throughout the United States doing everything from organizing after school programs to providing emergency disaster relief. AmeriCorps partnership with AgrAbility of Wisconsin is unique, in that the program is the only state AgrAbility project with actively serving AmeriCorps members. “We’re really excited about this partnership” said Vicki Janisch, AgrAbility’s Outreach Specialist. “Our AmeriCorps members have really stepped up and provided a great first line of contact between clients and our program.  Education is key to our success and these positions have really helped us to better educate clients and the public about our program.”

Members serve in a variety of capacities, everything from conducting client interviews and creating outreach materials, to planning programs and providing farmers with the latest research on assistive technology.  “Helping to organize events, calling each of the farmers, and then showing up and hearing all of their stories and what they’ve been through, really makes all of the effort we put in worth it.” Laura Finley, FARM Program Assistant said. “I spend a lot of time in the office doing research and paperwork, but visiting the farm and seeing the ways that AgrAbility really helps people is great. It was so neat to go with one of the specialists to visit a farmer and hear his story, identify what he needed, what we could do, and what would really make him successful.”

AgrAbility of Wisconsin is a partnership that combines the disability expertise of Easter Seals Wisconsin with the educational networking capabilities of the UW-Extension to provide a comprehensive program for farm families affected by disabilities.  AgrAbility helps farmers and their families continue to farm safely and successfully.

This summer, AgrAbility will have two AmeriCorps service position openings, the Farm program Assistive Technology Assistant, and FARM Program Assistant. To learn more about each of these positions or and apply, please visit and fill out an application, or call 608-277-8288 x 126 with questions.

AgrAbility of Wisconsin Promotes Success in Agriculture for Farmers with Disabilities. For more information contact our office at (608) 262-9336 or visit