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Apply before April 20 for Farm and Industry Short Course scholarships

A total of 111 Farm and Industry Short Course students received a total of $140,000 in FISC scholarships for the 2010-2011 academic year

Scholarships worth $140,000 will be awarded to students attending the Farm and Industry Short Course (FISC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) this year.

Applications are due April 20 to be considered in the first round of awards, according to Ted Halbach, director of the Short Course. Any student eligible for Short Course and who submits financial information on their Short Course admission application will be taken into account for a scholarship. The application form can be found at:

Almost three-quarters of last year’s applicants qualified for scholarships averaging a little over $1,000 per student. Scholarships are awarded on academic performance, need, leadership and activities.  Halbach said that many local scholarships are also available for Short Course students.

CALS offers the one- or two-year short course program to high school graduates interested in farming or one of Wisconsin’s many other agricultural industries. The program runs from November to April and has an average enrollment of 135 students.

The program’s instructional goals emphasize a combination of cutting-edge knowledge and hands-on experience, taught by faculty and staff, many of whom also teach in the four-year undergraduate program.

Over 50 courses are offered annually in the areas of soils, crops, dairy, meat animals, general livestock, landscaping, agricultural engineering and agricultural economics. Students may earn a one-year or two-year certificate requiring 20 or 40 credits, respectively, or they may pursue a specialty certificate in one of seven areas: Crop and Soil Management, Dairy Farm Management, Farm Mechanics, Farm Service and Supply, Landscape Industry, Meat Animals, or Pasture-Based Dairy and Livestock.

Up to 15 credits can be transferred to the College’s four-year degree program.