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UW offers short courses on crop, livestock and farm business management in early January

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course program and UW-Extension will offer four courses – each a week or less in length – during the first half of January. The courses, which are held during the break between sessions of the regular 17-week FISC program, focus on various aspects of crop, livestock and farm business management. The application deadline is Dec. 17.

The following courses are being offered:

* Diagnosing and Monitoring Pest and Nutrient Status of Field Crops – January 3-7. Provides skills needed for monitoring corn, alfalfa, soybeans and wheat health problems, including crop staging, soil sampling, plant tissue sampling, nematode and insect sampling.

* Practical Considerations in Human Resource Management – Jan. 5-7.
Covers supervision, communicating with employees, developing a human resource management philosophy, finding and retaining that perfect employee and legal considerations.

* Pasture Management – Jan. 10-13. Looks at pasture establishment and improvement, plant growth, layout, fencing, and water systems, animal behavior on pasture, animal nutrient needs vs. pasture growth and supplemental feeding.

* Sustainability Marketing and Management – Jan. 10, 12 & 14. Examines opportunities to reduce production costs and environmental impact; and minimizing the use of limited resources while maximizing profitability through marketing of sustainable food products.

Course fees cover the cost of registration and instructional materials. For more information write CALS Conference Services, 620 Babcock Drive, Madison, WI 53706 or phone (608) 263-1672. Applicants may register online at or download a brochure at

For more information, contact Ted Halbach at (608) 262-3127 or