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Wisconsin meat industry honors Uecker, Vignieri, Wenzel

On May 13 the Wisconsin”s meat industry will honor a legend in major league baseball and two business leaders who are carrying on traditions started by their grandfathers. On that date the Wisconsin Meat Industry Hall of Fame will induct baseball announcer and actor Bob Uecker, Dennis Vignieri of Kenosha Beef International/Birchwood Foods and Russ Wenzel of Wenzel Farm Sausages.

Although Uecker has never made sausage or worked in a meat plant, he
has been a master at promoting meat during his many years of play-by-
play coverage of Milwaukee Brewers baseball. He often talks about meat
as a tasty, nutritious food during his commentary, urging his
listeners to set up the grill for hamburgers at a tailgate party or
bring pork chops to a picnic, all without missing a single play on the
field. Uecker is also a spokesman for Usinger”s sausage company.

Vignieri upholds standards that have guided Kenosha Beef International/
Birchwood Foods since his grandfather started the firm seven decades
ago. He has been with the company for over 30 years, currently serving
as president and CEO. Under his leadership, Birchwood Foods has
expanded to produce a variety of products ranging from conventional
frozen patties to fully cooked beef, pork and poultry products at
plants in Georgia, Indiana and Ohio as well as Kenosha. Vignieri ”s
approach to creating quality products is reflected in Birchwood”s
state-of-the-art Culinary Caf