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Top District 4-H Dairy Cattle Judges Earn Spots In State Contest

Eighteen dairy judging teams and 16 individuals from across the state
will travel to the Polk Country Fairgrounds on Friday, July 25 to
compete in the State 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest. The teams and
individuals were selected from four district judging contests held
across the state at the end of June and the first week of July as
part of the 4-H Area Animal Science Days program.

Participants judged eight classes of dairy cows and heifers at each
competition. Seniors who are 14 to 19 years old give oral reasons on
three classes while younger junior contestants answer conformation-
related questions on two classes.

A total of 468 4-H”ers competed at these district contests: 203
seniors from 35 teams and 265 juniors from 39 teams represented their
counties. In the senior division 10 teams and eight individuals
advanced to the state competition to vie for an opportunity to
represent Wisconsin at the national level. In the junior division,
the top two placing teams and four individuals not on an advancing
team at each district contest qualified for the state junior


LaCrosse County and Vernon County placed first and second
respectively in both the senior and junior competitions at the
Southwest District Contest held in Galesville on June 20. Both
counties earned trips to the state senior and junior contests.
Winning the overall senior competition was Kirstie Langrehr of
LaCrosse County. Renae Holthaus, also from LaCrosse County, was the
high scoring junior individual.

Individuals selected to advance to the state contest from the senior
division were: Ashley Mergen of Grant County, Krysty Kepler of
Richland County, Aleda Primmer of Richland County, and Allison Baus
of LaCrosse County. Advancing junior individuals are: Elizabeth
Forsting of Jackson County, JJ McClelland of Vernon County, Charlie
Hamilton of Grant County, Andraya Errthum of Grant County.

Top 10 Senior Individuals
1. Kirstie Langrehr, LaCrosse
2. Brittany Rhyme, LaCrosse
3. Ashley Mergen, Grant
4. Reed Holthaus, LaCrosse
5. Katie Wendorf, LaCrosse
6. Cassie Muenzenberger, LaCrosse
7. Krysty Kepler, Richland
8. Aleda Primmer, Richland
9. Allison Baus, LaCrosse
10. Carlie Berg, LaCrosse

Top 5 Senior Teams
1. LaCrosse
2. Vernon
3. Grant
4. Jackson
5. Richland

Top 10 Junior Individuals
1. Renae Holthaus, LaCrosse
2. Elizabeth Forsting, Jackson
3. Thomas Larson, Vernon
4. Brianna Hall, Vernon
5. JJ McClelland, Vernon
6. Robin Muenzenberger, LaCrosse
7. Aaron Berg, LaCrosse
8. Charlie Hamilton, Grant
9. Andraya Errthum, Grant
10. Christina Primmer, Vernon

Top 5 Junior Teams
1. LaCrosse
2. Vernon #1
3. Jackson
4. Vernon #2
5. Grant #1


Dane County topped Dodge County by 19 points in the senior division
at the Southeast District Contest held in Monroe on July 2. Winning
the overall senior division was Kelly Sime of Dane County. Dodge
County took first place honors in the junior division with a nine
point advantage over second place Dane County. Janelle Remington of
Dodge County won the junior contest.

The four individuals to advance out of the senior competition to the
state contest were: Justin Langer of Columbia County, Danielle Brown
of Iowa County, Frank Behling of Dodge County, and either Laura
Elliott or Julia Cooper from Dane County depending on their team
placement. Advancing junior individuals are: Erica Ballmer of Rock
County, Sean Brown of Iowa County, Joel Dieckhoff of Green County,
Jordan Kamps of Lafayette County.

Top 10 Senior Individuals
1. Kelly Sime, Dane
2. Ty Hildebrandt, Dodge
3. Abbey Wethal, Dane
4. Ben Sarbacker, Dane
5. Kyle Natzke, Dodge
6. Laura Elliott, Dane
7. Shawn Nehls, Dodge
8. Julia Cooper, Dane
9. Justin Langer, Columbia
10. Danielle Brown, Iowa

Top 5 Senior Teams
1. Dane
2. Dodge
3. Lafayette
4. Rock
5. Green

Top 10 Junior Individuals
1. Janelle Remington, Dodge
2. Erica Ballmer, Rock
3. Sean Brown, Iowa
4. Joel Dieckhoff, Green
5. Felicia Bohn, Dodge
6. Jordyn Kamps, Lafayette
7. Sara Harn, Dane
8. Lindsey Hellenbrand, Dane
9. Riley Miller, Rock
10. (tie) Brooks Hendrickson, Green
10. (tie) Lauren Hageman, Dane

Top 5 Junior Teams
1. Dodge
2. Dane #1
3. Rock
4. Lafayette
5. Green #1


In the largest district contest, Fond Du Lac County placed first in
both the senior and junior divisions at the Northeast District
Contest held in Chilton on June 30. Fond Du Lac”s senior team
finished 10 points ahead of second place Jefferson County. Along with
the top two teams, third place Calumet County also earned a trip to
the state contest. Jacob Brey of Door County won the overall senior
competition with Kelly Lee from Jefferson County eight points back in
second place. In the junior competition, Fond du Lac County beat out
second place Sheboygan County by six points. The top junior
individual was Valerie Kramer of Fond Du Lac County.

The four senior individuals earning bids to the state contest are:
Jacob Brey of Door County, Megan Knorn of Kewaunee County, Danae
Bauer of Waupaca County, and Gregory Zimdars of Fond Du Lac County.
Advancing junior individuals are: Kayla Moeller of Shawano County,
Jordan Ebert of Kewaunee County, Marjane Behm of Winnebago County,
and Nicole Wright of Jefferson County.

Top 10 Senior Individuals
1. Jacob Brey, Door
2. Kelly Lee, Jefferson
3. Carissa Levash, Calumet
4. Kyle Zimdars, Fond Du Lac
5. Megan Knorn, Kewaunee
6. Danae Bauer, Waupaca
7. Ryan O”Leary, Fond Du Lac
8. Monique Levash, Calumet
9. Seth Elsner, Jefferson
10. Austen Schmidt, Fond Du Lac

Top 5 Senior Teams
1. Fond Du Lac
2. Jefferson
3. Calumet
4. Kewaunee
5. Door

Top 10 Junior Individuals
1. Valerie Kramer, Fond Du Lac
2. Alex Huibregtse, Sheboygan
3. Kayla Moeller, Shawano
4. Jordan Ebert, Kewaunee
5. Maryjane Behm, Winnebago
6. Nicole Wright, Jefferson
7 Erica Perronne, Sheboygan
8. Emily Selner, Kewaunee
9. Derrek Kamphuis, Fond du Lac
10. Kaila Wussow, Shawano

Top 5 Junior Teams
1. Fond du Lac
2. Sheboygan
3. Kewaunee
4. Shawano
5. Manitowoc


The Northwest Area Animal Science Day was held in Menomonie on July
1. St. Croix County won the senior division followed in second by
Polk County . Due to the size of the competition a third team,
defending champion Pierce County, was chosen to advance to the state
contest. Jake Kruschke of St. Croix County took top individual honors
by 21 points over Kipp Hinz of Polk County. Polk County #1 was first
among the junior teams and was followed in second by the Barron
County team. In the junior individual competition Trent Dado of Polk
County and Jacob Pintens of Barron County each earned 419 points
which topped the division. Dado earned the high individual trophy
based on higher scores for the type-related questions juniors answered.

Individuals selected for the state senior competition are: Michelle
Owens of Polk County, Hayden Hauschildt of Pierce County, Ellen Esch
of Pierce County, and Kurt Wohlk of Barron County. Advancing junior
individuals are: Ben Powers of Dunn County, Luke Christensen of Polk
County, Sarah Styer of Dunn County, and David Hecker of Rusk County.

Top 10 Senior Individuals
1. Jake Kruschke, St. Croix
2. Kipp Hinz, Polk
3. Hans Johnson, Polk
4. Jayne Esch, Pierce
5. Michelle Owens, Polk
6. Tom Zwald, St. Croix
7. Hayden Hauschildt, Pierce
8. Ellen Esch, Pierce
9. Kurt Wohlk, Barron
10. Kendra Mitchell, St. Croix

Top 5 Senior Teams
1. St. Croix
2. Polk
3. Pierce
4. Barron
5. Dunn

Top 10 Junior Individuals
1. Trent Dado, Polk
2. Jacob Pintens, Barron
3. Ben Powers, Dunn
4. Luke Christensen, Polk
5. Sarah Styer, Dunn
6. David, Hecker, Rusk
7. Rachel Coyne, Pierce
8. Jessica Pralle, Clark
9. Cody Getschel, Polk
10. (tie) Benjamin Briel, Barron
10. (tie) Ellie Raethke, Pepin

Top 5 Junior Teams
1. Polk #1
2. Barron
3. Dunn
4. Pierce
5. Polk #2