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State 4-H Dairy Judging Teams Announced

Twelve senior dairy judging teams and eight individuals from across the state will travel to the Polk Country Fairgrounds on July 28 to compete in the State 4-H Senior Dairy Cattle Judging contest and vie for the opportunity to move on to a national-level contest.

The teams and individuals were selected from four statewide district judging contests as part of the 4-H Area Animal Science Days program. Participants judge eight classes of dairy cows and heifers at each competition. Senior contestants, 14 to 19 years old, give reasons on three classes while younger junior contestants answer conformation-related questions on two classes.

A total of 451 4-Hers competed in the junior and senior divisions at the district contests. That included 202 seniors from 41 teams and 249 juniors from 44 teams. Each team of three to eight individuals represented its county. The three top-placing senior teams from each district, as well as the top two individuals who are not a part of one of the top teams, were selected to participate in the state contest.

The contests are a partnership between the 4-H program and the state”s dairy industry, says Ted Halbach UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist.
“At each of the district contests, farms from the host county provide the animals to make up the classes and industry professionals volunteer to serve as officials and help in other roles at the contests,” he explains. “We couldn”t run this program without their enthusiasm and support.”

For the second year, a State 4-H Junior Contest will also be held for youth 10 to 14 years of age. This competition will be held Sept. 4 at the Iowa County Fair in Mineral Point. The top two teams at each district contest along with the top two or three individuals not on those top teams qualified for the state competition.

“I greatly appreciate the willingness of exhibitors at both the Polk and Iowa county fairs to work these contests into an already busy fair week,” said Halbach. “The success of the youth judging program in Wisconsin lies in this kind of support throughout the state. This activity receives great local grassroots support, from the herds the teams practice with to the coaches and extension staff who mentor and teach these youth.”

Southwest Area Animal Science Day – Darlington, Lafayette County

The Southwest district dairy judging contest was held in Darlington at the Lafayette County Fairgrounds on June 23. La Crosse and Grant Counties placed 1st and 2nd respectively in the senior competition, both earning a trip to the state senior contest. Joining them at the state contest is the 3rd place team from Vernon County.

Winning the overall senior competition was Mike Maier of Grant County, followed in 2nd place by Heather Petersheim from Vernon County. Shi Lurvey, 5th place and Matt Sullivan, 6th place, both of Richland County, will represent the Southwest district as individuals at the state contest.

In the junior competition, LaCrosse County placed first, with Green County juniors coming in 2nd place to qualify for the state junior competition. Ranae Holthaus from La Crosse County was named the top junior individual. Sean Scanlan of Grant County followed in 2nd place and will be joining La Crosse County and Green County at the state contest as an individual. Heidi Petersheim, 4th place, from Vernon County and Janell Anderson, 5th place, from Crawford County will also be competing as individuals at the junior state contest.

(SW) Top 10 Senior Individuals Overall:
1. Mike Maier – Grant
2. Heather Petersheim – Vernon
3. Shannon Muenzenberger – LaCrosse
4. Derek Petersheim-Vernon
5. Shi Lurvey – Richland
6. Matt Sullivan – Richland
7. Craig Pagenkopf – Grant
8. Katie Kearns – Crawford
9. Brittany Rhyme – La Crosse
10. Heather Scanlan – Grant

(SW)Top 5 Senior Teams Overall
1. Grant
2. La Crosse
3. Vernon
4. Iowa
5. Lafayette

(SW) Top 10 Junior Individuals
1. Ranae Holthaus – La Crosse
2. Sean Scanlan – Grant
3. Joel Dieckhoff – Green
4. Heidi Petersheim – Vernon
5. Janell Anderson – Crawford
6. Tess Zettle – Green
7. Evan Jones – Iowa
8. Carissa Tolzman – Lafayette
9. Thomas Larson – Vernon
10. Brooks Hendrickson – Green

(SW) Top 5 Junior Teams
1. La Crosse
2. Green
3. Grant
4. Vernon
5. Iowa

Southeast Area Animal Science Day – Stoughton, Dane County
Dane County hosted the Southeast Area Animal Science Day in Stoughton on June 27, 2006. Dodge County took 1st in the senior division, coming in 43 points ahead of second place Dane County. The 3rd place team from Walworth County also received a bid to the state contest.

Winning the overall senior division was Ben Sarbacker of Dane County and 2nd place went to Shawn Nehls of Dodge County. Justin Langer, 3rd place, from Columbia County, as well as 8th place Seth Elsner of Jefferson County will join the top three teams to represent the Southeast District as individuals at the state competition.

Dodge County took 1st place honors in the junior division as well with an 86-point advantage over second place Walworth County, making both teams eligible for the junior state contest. Dodge County teammates Janelle Remington and Carrie Warmka took 1st and 2nd place respectively in the junior contest. Joining Dodge and Walworth Counties at the junior state competition will be 6th place Felicia Bohn and 7th place Trevor Rundhaug.

(SE) Top 10 Senior Individuals overall:
1. Ben Sarbacker – Dane
2. Shawn Nehls – Dodge
3. Justin Langer – Columbia
4. Rebekah Giese – Dodge
5. Sara Vanderstappen – Walworth
6. Kayla Buske – Dodge
7. Kyle Natzke – Dodge
8. Seth Elsner – Jefferson
9. Steven Davis – Walworth
10. Kelly Sime – Dane

(SE) Top 5 Senior Teams overall
1. Dodge
2. Dane
3. Walworth
4. Columbia
5. Jefferson

Top 10 Junior Individuals:
1. Janelle Remington – Dodge
2. Carrie Warmka – Dodge
3. Shelbie Greidanus – Walworth
4. Jared Buske – Dodge
5. Seth Nehls – Dodge
6. Felicia Bohn – Dodge
7. Trevor Rundhaug – Sauk
8. Erik Warmka – Dodge
9. Maxwell Meyer – Walworth
10. Abby Hantke – Rock

Top 5 Junior Teams
1. Dodge
2. Walworth
3. Rock
4. Columbia
5. Sauk

Northwest Area Animal Science Day – Rice Lake, Barron County
The Northwest Area Animal Science Day was held at the Barron County Fairgrounds in Rice Lake on June 28, 2006. Polk County won the senior division, followed in second by St. Croix County. Both teams gained automatic bids to the state contest. Joining them will be 3rd place Pierce County.

In the individual senior contest, Jessica Lundgren of Polk County took top honors followed by Brian Coyne of Pierce County in second. Stephanie Merritt of Dunn County, who placed 3rd overall and 4th place Bethany Wohlk of Barron County, will represent the Northwest District as individuals at the state senior contest.

St. Croix County was first among the junior teams and was followed in second by the Barron County team. Jacob Pintens of Barron County edged out Jordan Van Dyk of St. Croix County by one point to take home the first place junior individual ribbon. Third place Katie Peper, from Polk County, 4th place Katrina Nunes from Chippewa County and 5th place Katie Wendorf from Vernon County also received invites to the state junior contest.

(NW) Top 10 Senior Individuals overall:
1. Jessica Lundgren – Polk
2. Brian Coyne – Pierce
3. Stephanie Merritt – Dunn
4. Bethany Wohlk – Barron
5. Jake Kruschke – St. Croix
6. Amy Busby – Polk
7. Annette Zwald – St. Croix
8. Mary Johnson – Polk
9. Michelle Owens – Polk
10. Krista Mitchell – St. Croix

(NW)Top 5 Senior Teams overall:
1. Polk
2. St. Croix
3. Pierce
4. Dunn
5. Barron

(NW) Top 10 Junior Individuals:
1. Jacob Pintens – Barron
2. Jordan Van Dyk – St. Croix
3. Katie Peper – Polk
4. Katrina Nunes – Chippewa
5. Katie Wendorf – Vernon
6. Claire Van Dyk – St. Croix
7. Bethany Vandoorn – Rusk
8. Susie Merritt – Dunn
9. Kendra Mitchell – St. Croix
10. Cole Mark – Pierce

(NW) Top 5 Junior Teams:
1. St. Croix
2. Barron
3. Polk
4. Dunn
5. Rusk

Northeast Area Animal Science Day – Luxemburg, Kewaunee County
On June 30, the Northeast district contest, which was Area Animal Science Days” largest contest this year, was held in Luxemburg at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds. The Fond du Lac seniors topped the team from Waupaca by 33 points to win the contest. These teams, along with 3rd place Wood County round out the senior teams competing in the state contest.

Brandon Ferry of Fond du Lac County won the overall senior competition and Danae Bauer from Waupaca County was nine points back in second place. Representing the Northeast District as individuals will be 4th place Jacob Brey, from Door County and 6th place Amanda Knoener, from Sheboygan County.

In the junior competition, Sheboygan County topped the contest, beating out 2nd place Fond du Lac County by 40 points. Both teams will represent the Northeast District in Mineral Point at the junior contest, Labor Day Weekend. Courtney Perronne of Sheboygan County won the individual competition over Diana Zimdars of Fond du Lac County. Also participating in the junior state contest as representatives of the Northeast district will be Monique Levash of Calumet County, who placed 4th and Jordan Ebert of Kewaunee County, who came in 7th overall.

(NE) Top 10 Senior Individuals
1. Brandon Ferry – Fond du Lac
2. Danae Bauer – Waupaca
3. Kyle Zimdars – Fond du Lac
4. Jacob Brey – Door
5. Carl Lippert – Wood
6. Amanda Knoener – Sheboygan
7. Nicholas Dallmann – Wood
8. Ryan O” Leary – Fond du Lac
9. Zachary Sawall – Waupaca
10. Carissa Levash – Calumet

(NE) Top 5 Senior Teams
1. Fond du Lac
2. Waupaca
3. Wood
4. Calumet
5. Kewaunee

(NE) Top 10 Junior Individuals
1. Courtney Perronne – Sheboygan
2. Diana Zimdars – Fond du Lac
3. Stacey Kirsch – Sheboygan
4. Monique Levash – Calumet
5. Kelly Jens – Sheboygan
6. (tie) Jordan Ebert – Kewaunee
6. (tie) Sean Perronne – Sheboygan
8. Matthew O” Leary – Fond du Lac
9. Luke Bailey – Kewaunee
10. Ethan Bauer – Waupaca

(NE) Top 5 Junior Teams
1 Sheboygan
2. Fond du Lac
3. Kewaunee
4. Calumet
5. Manitowoc


(EDITORS: Photos of the winning teams can be downloaded at

Southeast Contest

1st Place Junior Team Dodge County:
Front Row (L to R): Brittany Nampel, Felicia Bohn, Janelle Remington, Brett Hildebrandt, Seth Nehls
Back Row: Christa Wendorf, Coach, Todd Wendorf, Coach, Carrie Warmka, Jared Buske, Erik Warmka, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist

Junior Top 5 Individuals:
L to R: Seth Nehls, 5th; Jared Buske, 4th; Shelbie Greidanus, 3rd; Carrie Warmka, 2nd; Janelle Remington, 1st, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist

1st Place Senior Team – Dodge County:
Front Row (L to R): Aaron Bohn, Ty Hildebrandt, Kyle Natzke, Kayla Buske, Kristin Natzke
Back Row: Christa Wendorf, Coach, Todd Wendorf, Coach, Zach Damrow, Rebekah Giese, Shawn Nehls, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist

Senior Top 5 Individuals:
L to R: Sara Vanderstappen, 5th; Rebekah Giese, 4th; Justin Langer, 3rd; Shawn Nehls, 2nd; Ben Sarbacker, 1st, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist

Northwest Contest

1st Place Junior Team – St. Croix County Junior Team:
Front Row (L to R) Patrick Johnson, Ryan Mahoney, Ellis Franks, Claire Van Dyk
Middle Row: Jordan Van Dyk, Ariel Peterson, Kendra Mitchell, Jennifer McNamara
Back Row: Robert Zwald, Coach, Chuck Kruschke, Coach, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist

Junior Top 5 Individuals
L to R: Katie Wendorf, 5th; Katie Peper, 3rd; Jordan Van Dyk, 2nd; Jacob Pintens, 1st; Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist. Missing: Katrina Nunes, 4th place

1st Place Senior Team – Polk County Senior Team:
Front Row (L to R): Michelle Owens, Mary Johnson, Leah Christianson, Abby Swenson, Jessica Lundgren
Back Row: Jared Haase, Coach, Cody Borreson, Amy Busby, Chase Hedrick, Jenny Byl, Coach, Walter Owens, Coach, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist

Senior Top 5 Individuals Overall
L to R: Jake Kruschke, 5th; Bethany Wohlk, 4th; Stephanie Merritt, 3rd; Brian Coyne, 2nd; Jessica Lundgren, 1st, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist.
Northeast Contest

1st Place Junior Team – Sheboygan County
Front Row (L to R) Sean Perronne, Alex Huibregste, Erica Perronne, Kelly Jens, Tyler Meinnert
Bact Row: Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist, Kendra Kirsch, Courtney Perronne, Stacey Kirsch, Josh Perronne, Chris Booth, Coach

Junior Top 5 Individuals
L to R: Kelly Jens, Monique Levash, Stacey Kirsch, Diana Zimdars, Courtney Perronne, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist

1st Place Senior Team – Fond du Lac County
L to R: Chris Pollack, Coach, Ryan O”Leary, Brandon Ferry, Kyle Zimdars, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist

Senior Top 5 Individuals
L to R: Carl Lippert, 5th; Jacob Brey, 4th; Kyle Zimdars, 3rd; Danae Bauer, 2nd; Brandon Ferry, 1st, Ted Halbach, UW-Madison Extension Dairy Youth Specialist