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Thomas Record, a biophysical chemist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was in August named one of six 2006 Society Fellows by the Biophysical Society, a 7000-member US organization that represents global biophysics research.

A chaired professor of chemistry and biochemistry in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Record hopes that the new honor will help in continuing to attract talented students and extramural funding for his research.

A UW-Madison faculty member for 35 years, Record is a basic scientist whose laboratory has long explored how cell proteins recognize and bind to DNA sequences, a critical process for the expression of genetic information. Record and his group have described, for instance, the binding behavior of a protein known as RNA polymerase, which, like a tiny molecular machine, recognizes where gene sequences begin on DNA and effectively translates that information into a ”cellular recipe” for protein manufacture.

Before joining UW-Madison faculty in 1970, Record completed postdoctoral work at Stanford University, and received a doctoral degree in biophysical chemistry from the University of California, San Diego. As an undergraduate, Record studied chemistry at Yale University.