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Horticultural Field Day Aug. 20 at West Madison Research Station

Vampires will have a miserable time at this year”s Horticultural Field Day, Aug. 20 at the West Madison Research Station. Eleven cultivars of roasted garlic will be available for taste-testing, and the station”s Allium vegetable collection – onions, leeks and shallots – will be highlighted for the first time at a field day. Visitors will also find sweet corn, salsas, melons, cucumbers and a wide variety of peppers and tomatoes to sample.

Speakers will discuss invasive plants, plant diseases in the garden, insects in the garden, and prairie plants and development. Extension specialists will be available to consult on weeds, insects, and diseases; bring problem weeds and bugs in a plastic bag for identification.

UW-Madison research and outreach specialists will discuss their work, provide informational presentations in the garden, and answer gardening questions. Some of the topics will include annual flowers and vegetable trials, diseases in the vegetable and flower garden, a new breeding line of Peppers, Hispanic vegetables and pepper roasting demonstration, and insects in the garden. Visitors can chat with experts about the new Asian vegetable trial and sample some of more than 80 vegetables from China, Japan, Korea, Laos, Vietnam and other Asian countries.

Visitors can also see a large collection of ornamental grasses, a large native perennial garden and a home-size rain garden. Handouts on all of the specialty gardens will be available.

Garden supply and plant information booths will be open and a new line of wonder gardening gloves will be for sale to help support the trial and demonstration garden at the Station.

The field day runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is sponsored by West Madison Agricultural Research Station staff, researchers at the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and University of Wisconsin-Extension staff. The station is located at 8052 Mineral Point Road, about a mile west of the beltline. Admission and parking are free, and beverages and sandwiches will be available for purchase. Check the station”s web site for more information and a map.