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A Different Place To Teach

crew helped get products there. He also enjoys training employees and working with the company’s research and development team, reporting on how test products fare in the production process and making suggestions.
The communications skills that Wiedenfeld developed while at the UW-Madison also have helped him in his career. He was a state secretary for the Wisconsin Future Farmer’s of America Association, making presentations at FFA leadership camps and talking with high school students. He enjoyed working with them so much, he pursued a degree in agricultural education. He also was a CALS Ambassador, talking to students about the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and their education options. Someday Wiedenfeld may return to teaching, but he points out that he applies many of the concepts he learned in agricultural education and various elective courses in employee training.

Wiedenfeld has also considered returning to grad school, adding that the meat science lab is being renovated and will be a state-of-the-art learning facility in a couple of years.

The job market for animal science and food science majors is very good right now, says Wiedenfeld. For students who make the most of their education, extracurricular activities and jobs while in school, things could very well fall into place like they did for Wiedenfeld.