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Agricultural Short Courses Scheduled For January 2003 At UW-Madison

Interim Farm and Industry Short Courses will be offered the weeks of Jan. 6-10 and Jan. 13-17 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The application deadline is Dec. 15. Course fees include registration and instructional materials. For registration forms or information on parking and lodging, call CALS Outreach Services, (608) 263-1672. For more information on course content, call Rick Daluge, (608) 262-3127.


Advanced Dairy Reproduction
Students will become proficient in artificial insemination, ovarian palpation and pregnancy detection. Embryo transfer and ultrasound-guided oocyte aspiration will be demonstrated.
Jan 7-10 Instructors: Paul Fricke and Dave Northey. Fee: $500

Diagnosing and Monitoring Pest and Nutrient Status of Field Crops
Course provides the skills necessary to properly monitor corn, alfalfa, soybean and wheat problems. Emphasizes proper identification of abiotic and biotic problems and symptoms (especially insects, diseases, weeds, nutrient deficiencies, compaction, herbicide injury). Techniques covered include crop staging, soil and plant tissue sampling, nematode and insect sampling.
Jan. 6-10 Instructors: B. Jensen, J. Wedberg, J. Doll, C. Boerboom, R. Borges, L. Bundy, B. Hudelson, J. Lauer, S. Sturgal, D. Wolkowski. Fee: $200

Dairy Nutrition Update
A broad-based, in-depth update on dairy cattle nutrition principles and practices, focusing on lactating cows. Covers feed ingredients, nutrient requirements, forages, feed additives, feeding management, and nutrition/cow-health relationships.
Jan. 7-9 Instructor: Randy Shaver. Fee: $200

Using Computers to Assist in Decision Making
Learn accounting principles using AAIMS software, including setting up chart of accounts and applying that information to decision-making. Also covers methods for calculating cost of production analysis.
Jan. 6-9 Instructor: Arlin Brannstrom. Fee: $200


Livestock Marketing
Class will analyze various marketing methods, how prices are determined, interaction of supply and demand for meat, techniques of market management. Industry guests will assess the roles of producers, livestock markets, packers, retailers, food service and the public sector in the marketing of meat and livestock.
Jan. 13-15 Instructor: Patrick Luby. Fee: $200

Pasture Management
Covers pasture establishment, improvement, and plant growth. In-depth discussions of pasture layout, fencing and water systems. Pasture utilization by animals, including animal behavior on pasture, animal nutrient needs versus pasture growth, and supplemental feeding also covered.
Jan. 13-17 Instructors: Dan Undersander and Jeff Lemkuehler. Fee: $200