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UW-Madison’s Babcock Institute Wins Export Achievement Award

The Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research and Development received a 1999 Governor”s Export Achievement Award at the 35th annual Wisconsin International Trade Conference May 12 in Milwaukee.

The Babcock Institute builds ties between the Wisconsin dairy industry and worldwide dairy industries through education and training programs, world market and trade analysis, and research collaboration and scientific partnerships that are mutually beneficial. It works to help the state dairy industry to improve the world market share of Wisconsin products.

It also assists international dairy producers with technical assistance to improve the market share for Wisconsin dairy inputs such as bull semen, embryos, live animals, dairy equipment, veterinary expertise, and dairy business consulting services. Dairy leaders from more than 80 countries have used its educational materials and services. The institute produces a series of Technical Dairy Guides that are published in six languages, and has developed short courses for producers in Asia, Latin America and the former Soviet Union.

The institute”s award was one of 10 Export Achievement Awards given by Governor Thompson at the conference, held at the Pfister Hotel. Co-director Michel Wattiaux accepted the award on behalf of the institute.

In June, the institute will sponsor a trip to China by UW-Madison faculty to initiate long-term cooperation between the University and China in developing China”s beef and dairy industries. The Babcock Institute is a unit of UW-Madison”s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the UW School of Veterinary Medicine, and UW-Extension. The institute is on the Web at

The Babcock Institute also publishes a series of Discussion Papers by University of Wisconsin faculty and staff that may be useful for U.S. dairy firms involved with the export market. Recent papers include:

“The Evolution and Strategies of MD Foods of Denmark and the Danish Dairy Board – Implications for the U.S. and World Dairy Industries” by economist Bill Dobson, director of the Renk Agribusiness Institute and co-director of the Babcock Institute. The paper discusses the evolution and strategies of MD foods of Denmark and the Danish Dairy Board, and reviews a number of implications for U.S. dairy exporters.

“Characteristics of Canadian and Mexican Dairy Product Purchases: A Comparison Using Household Expenditure Data” by Brian Gould, senior scientist at the UW-Madison Center for Dairy Research, and Jongsoog Kim, graduate research assistant in consumer science. The paper compares the structure of dairy product demand in two of the more important U.S. dairy export markets. The authors use household survey data from both countries to determine how factors such as household income, age of household members, and education of meal planners affect the demand for dairy products.

“The Structure of Meat, Poultry and Dairy Product Demand in the Former Soviet Union” by Brian Gould, senior scientist at the UW-Madison Center for Dairy Research, and Jongsoog Kim, graduate research assistant in consumer science. Household survey data collected in 1996 is used to identify determinants of dairy product, meat and poultry consumption.

For more information on these and other discussion papers, please contact progam manager Karen Nielsen at (608) 265-4169,