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Margaret Krome To Receive 1999 Wisconsin Idea Award

Margaret Krome of the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute will be honored Tuesday, March 16 for applying the “Wisconsin Idea” to natural resource policy development and implementation. Krome will receive the Wisconsin Idea Award in Natural Resource Policy at a banquet in the Memorial Union on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

The Wisconsin Idea Award is presented annually by the School of Natural Resources in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, UW-Madison. The award honors those who have made significant contributions in the area of natural resource policy and whose efforts exemplify the “Wisconsin Idea” of communication and cooperation between the university and government for the benefit of the people of the state.

About The Award

Margaret L. Krome – 1999 Wisconsin Idea Award in Natural Resources

Margaret L. Krome is agricultural policy coordinator for the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, East Troy, Wis. She is a national and state advocate for programs and policies supporting environmentally sound, profitable, and socially responsible agriculture. Although Krome has not been employed by the University of Wisconsin or state government, she has worked effectively with both to promote policies and programs that have advanced the public interest. Her efforts represent the best of the spirit and impact of the Wisconsin Idea.

In 1988, she led the public interest community in the creation of the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems at UW-Madison’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and she has been a key supporter and advisor to CIAS since then.

She was instrumental in securing state funding for the DATCP Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Grant Program, and the primary leader in the development and creation of the Pesticide Use and Risk Reduction Project at CIAS. She was a key supporter of the legislation that created the Agricultural Technology and Family Farm Institute (now the Program on Agricultural Technology Studies) at the UW-Madison.

Krome is nationally recognized as a leader in forming and supporting federal sustainable agriculture programs, including the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program, Appropriate Technology Transfer and Rural Areas, Fund for Rural America, and others.

She has worked tirelessly to directly involve farmers and other citizens affected by policies and programs. Krome reaches out to all of the players – small- and large-scale farmers, University personnel, consumer groups, public interest advocates, and state agency staff. She is known for her skill in reaching across ideological boundaries to develop coalitions of people and organizations that work together successfully – one example: the coalition she developed and led that designed and secured funding for the Pesticide Use Reduction Project.

Krome sits on the board of Wisconsin’s Environmental Decade, the largest environmental advocacy group in the state, and also writes a biweekly editorial column for the Capital Times, Madison’s evening newspaper. She lives in Madison with her husband, Steve Ventura, and their children.